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How does one get a visa to France?

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How does one get a visa to France? Everyone wants to go to France and see its beautiful sights, but before doing that, everyone needs a visa.

To find out how many days you still have to go if you’ve lived in the Schengen Area for more than six months, please use the Visa Calculator tool. Find out which authority has approved your application.

Create your online application

Complete the visa application form. You must submit at least one of the following documents to be eligible for a visa application:

Original + copy of a travel document in good condition. Valid for three months from the date you plan to leave the Schengen Area. For extended stays, the visa must be valid for three months. This last requirement can be waived in an emergency.

2 ID photos in ISO or IECI format.

The supporting documents (originals or copies) will vary depending on your situation. Papers must be written in languages other than English or French and be translated into French. Upon filing, you will be charged the application fee.

You must complete the online application form if your country is eligible. The on-screen instructions will guide you through the entire process.

To save and print your application, you must create a personal account. This account must include your email address. You will then be able to view the required supporting documents and book an appointment.

Please refer to your country’s page if your country is not eligible for the program.

Take into consideration that in 2023, the European Union will roll out its European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS). ETIAS France visa waiver will become the new normal for visa-exempt travelers, including Canadians, who wish to travel to a country in the Schengen area, including France.

Book your appointment

get a visa to franceSet up an appointment at the visa application center. You should allow sufficient time for your work before you leave to review your application.

For a long-stay visa, you will need to check the wait times for appointments to ensure that your application is submitted within three to two weeks of your departure date. A short-stay visa will take six to two weeks.

In most cases, consular services use outside providers to receive visa applicants’ documents. However, the consular services are still fully responsible for reviewing and deciding visa issuance.

Details required to book an appointment will be found on the page for the country of application.

Submit your file

Apply in person. All required documents must be brought to your appointment. You should also get a duplicate of every document, including your passport.

The consulate (service provider) will accept you and collect your visa fee. They will also capture your biometric data (photo, fingerprints) and keep your passport.

At the visa center, it will take around 20 minutes to submit a visa application.


All French visas are biometric.  Anyone 12 years old or older must present their visa application in person. You will need to provide the following biometric information: A photo was taken at your appointment or scanned and ten fingerprints individually.

You can re-use your biometric data if you have a Schengen biometric visa issued within the last 59 months.


The Visa application fees consist of administrative costs incurred in processing your application. Even in refusal cases, the administration will keep the amount you have paid. Please refer to the PDF table listing application fees for each visa type.

An external service provider may receive application fees. This provider will be responsible for collecting the fees. While the service fee may vary by country, it should not exceed EUR 40 per visa request. The administration also authorizes external service providers to provide additional services at a cost.

If you meet the following conditions, you may be exempted from attending your visa appointment in person:

  • You have previously held Schengen visas and used them in compliance with the law.
  • You may travel frequently or often for the same reason.

Please contact your nearest visa center to confirm that someone else can apply on your behalf for a visa.

Track your application

get a visa to franceTracking your application and collecting your passport. You can usually follow the progress of an application. Finding more information on our track of the progression of your application page is always possible.

You will be notified when your passport is available for collection at the visa center where you applied. Sometimes, passports can be sent via postal services.


How much is the France visa fee?

The fee for a French Schengen Visa is EUR80 (for adults) and EUR40 (for children below the age of 12. You should take the time to review the French Schengen Visa Fees List. There are some applicants who are exempted from paying the fee, while others need to pay the fee.

How long does it take to get a visa to France?

After you have completed your appointment at the Visa Application Center (VAC), the visa application process can take up to 2-3 weeks. The Campus France application can be started at any time. You can apply for a visa (step 2) no earlier than 90 days prior to your departure date.

Is France easy to get a visa?

It is difficult and not quick to obtain a French Visa. The steps above will help you complete your application for a France Visa. It starts with choosing the right embassy.

What documents do I need to get a visa for France?

The visa application file must include the following documents:

  • Three long-stay visa application forms;
  • A letter explaining why you are applying for a return visa;
  • Three passport photographs;
  • A valid passport;
  • The long-stay visa fees;
  • Proof of address in France (utility bill, etc.)

Which European country gives visas easily?

Lithuania. This country is the easiest to obtain a Schengen visa. According to reports, visas are granted to nearly 98.7%.