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Will Canadian Citizens Need ETIAS Authorization to Visit France?

Yes. From November 2023, when ETIAS becomes fully operational, Canadian Citizens, alongside nationals of 57 countries worldwide, will be required to have valid ETIAS authorizations upon arrival to France.

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Do I Need a Visa to Visit France?

No. As long as you’re traveling to France for short-term business, leisure, or medical needs, you can enter the country visa-free until November 2023. From November 2023, you will need a valid ETIAS visa waiver.

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What Is the Purpose of the New ETIAS System?

Initiated in 2018, the new European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) intends to enhance the EU’s capabilities against external threats, such as organized crime, illegal migration, epidemiological outbreaks, etc. The system also intends to simplify European travel-related bureaucratic procedures and reduce the waiting time at the EU borders.

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Can I Work or Study in France with ETIAS Authorization?

No. ETIAS is only a travel permit, enabling you to visit Europe for short-term purposes. If you plan to move to Europe for study or work, you must apply for a national visa (Type D) or temporary residence permit card.

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How long Can I stay in France with an ETIAS?

ETIAS enables you to visit France or any other ETIAS member country for up to 90 days in every 180-day period for three consecutive years.

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How Can I Apply for an ETIAS France from Canada?

Applying for an ETIAS authorization is a simple procedure, taking less than 15 minutes. All you have to do is to complete the application form and submit it alongside your biometric passport. Once you pay the application fee, the system will verify the correctness of your provided information and provide feedback within hours.

For additional information on ETIAS required documents visit Travel Info or Requirements Pages.

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When Will ETIAS Become Mandatory?

Applying for ETIAS authorization will become mandatory from November 2023.

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Do I Need a Passport to Apply for an ETIAS?

Yes. A valid biometric passport is essential before applying for an ETIAS visa waiver. The passport is valid if it features an electronically embedded chip and expires in no less than six months from your arrival date to France.

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Do Children Need to Apply for ETIAS?

Yes. Parents or legal guardians must get the ETIAS visa waivers for their kids, even though children up to 12 are exempt from paying the application fee.

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Can I Apply for ETIAS if I have a Criminal Record?

Yes. You can apply for an ETIAS authorization regardless of your criminal status. Although, you will be required to provide all the details about your criminal record and the degree of the crime.

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Do I Need to Apply for an ETIAS Authorization as an ETIAS Member Country National?

No. If you are a citizen of ETIAS-member country, you won’t need to apply for an ETIAS visa waiver to visit France or any other ETIAS country.

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I Have More Than One Citizenship. How Do I Apply for an ETIAS Authorization?

There are three possibilities:

    • If one of your passports is issued by the ETIAS member country, you don’t need to apply for authorization. Just show your ETIAS-member country passport at the border, and you’re good to go.
    • If you are a citizen of ETIAS-eligible and ETIAS-non-eligible countries, you can apply for an ETIAS authorization through the former.
    • If both of your citizenship belong to ETIAS non-eligible countries, you must apply for a traditional Schengen Travel Visa since you don’t qualify for ETIAS authorization.

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What other Countries Can I Visit with ETIAS except for France?

ETIAS authorization enables you to visit all the EU/Schengen Member countries (except Ireland) for up to 90 days in every 180-day period for three years.

ETIAS-member countries include the following:

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Who Can Apply for ETIAS Visa Waiver?

Nationals of the following 58 countries worldwide will be eligible to visit Europe hassle-free with just a pre-issued digital travel permit from November 2023.

ETIAS-eligible countries include the following:

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