European Travel Information and Authorization System is a novel framework for EU travel aimed at enhancing the Union’s capabilities against external threats.

Initiated in 2018, the ETIAS will come into force from November 2025, requiring Canadian citizens to apply for a digital travel permit before visiting France.

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es. From November 2025, 59 countries’ nationals must have valid travel authorization to enter France or other ETIAS-member countries.

No. If you travel to France for short-term purposes like business, leisure, or medical needs, a pre-issued digital travel permit will be enough to enter the country.

Applying for an authorization is a simple procedure and takes less than 15 minutes.

Just complete the application form and submit it alongside your biometric passport. After you pay the application fee, the system will automatically check your application and provide feedback accordingly.

No. ETIAS is only a digital travel permit that doesn’t allow you to work or study in France. For these purposes, you must apply for a national visa or a residence permit card.